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Dr. Joe Sanfelippo is the Superintendent of the Fall Creek School District in Fall Creek, WI…home of the Fall Creek Crickets. The Fall Creek School District was named an Innovative District in 2016 and 2017 by the International Center for Leadership in Education. Joe holds a BA in Elementary and Early Childhood Education, a MS in Educational Psychology, a MS in Educational Leadership, and a PhD in Leadership, Learning, and Service. Joe co-hosts the Hacking Leadership Podcast and co-authored The Power of Branding: Telling Your School’s Story, Principal Professional Development: Leading Learning in a Digital Age, and Hacking Leadership: 10 Ways Great Leaders Inspire Learning That Teachers, Students, and Parents Love.  He was selected as 1 of 117 Future Ready Superintendents in 2014 and 1 of 50 Superintendents as a Personalized Learning Leader by the US Department of Education in 2016. He attended summits at the White House for both distinctions. Go Crickets!!

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Keynotes and Workshops: Joe Sanfelippo

Telling Your School’s Story

When is the last time something amazing happened in your school?  How many people knew about it?  The work done in schools all across the globe is spectacular.  Kids gather, learn, leave and make the world we live in a better place.  So…amazing things happen all the time.  Telling the story of schools helps create a narrative that builds culture and gives everyone in your community an identity.  Utilizing social media and being the chief storyteller in your district is a great way to celebrate the success of students with parents and the community. FIND YOUR AUDIENCE…BUILD YOUR BRAND…CELEBRATE KIDS!

Be a Social Media Superhero

Every school needs a Social Media Superhero.  The use of social media meets families, community members, and decision makers in a place where they live daily.  Find out how to maximize your school’s social media tools (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more) in order to lead, inspire and inform all stakeholders.  Social media is a new literacy and our schools leaders have to model that literacy appropriately.

Outcome: Participants will feel comfortable implementing 1 social media tool in their space to celebrate the work of staff and students. An action plan will be developed to analyze different post times and types to ensure the correct audience is connected.

Leading the Learning

Ever feel like you arrive at school, go through the day, and wonder if anything actually got done? The day-to-day operations tend to impede our opportunity for administrators to grow and learn in their position. The administrator in a school is responsible for leading a learning organization. If we are going to lead the learning in schools we need to find a way to do it together. Too often administrators are left on an island because they are the only person in the building with a particular role.

Outcome: This session provides the participants a road map for taking ownership of their learning, while still leading the work done at the building level. Participants find resources to curate content with ease and developing a process for connecting and growing as a team.

Hacking Leadership

Water is amazing and seemingly always finds a way. It has the ability to form, replenish our system, power equipment, and can wipe out entire cities. Leaders have the same properties.  Some end up conforming to their environment as water would with a cup or bowl. Some have the power to wipe out entire populations and others lift the level of the land. The best leaders take little openings and create space for those they lead. They find the smallest cracks of opportunity and create a path that was not there before. They shape the land. They find a way. Hacking leadership is about finding innovative solutions to issues that have plagued the system for years, and implementing them tomorrow. The focus is on practical application. We all know the problems exist, but knowledge of problems does not make our daily life in schools easier.  Utilizing the tools in Hacking Leadership will allow you and your team to find the openings and create space for those you lead. Space to learn. Space to teach. Space to thrive.  

Outcome: Participants will choose 1 problem in school that resonates with them (all will have the text prior) and implement the “Hack” associated with that particular issue.

Lead with the Four C’s in mind

The “21 Century Skills” movement is more than a decade old. However, we are still wrestling with how to evolve our system and make our education truly relevant. Education, business and global leaders were interviewed to determine the core 21st century skills that were most relevant for K-12 education. There was near unanimity that four specific skills were the most important. They became known as the “Four C’s”: Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration and Communication. Educators and educational leaders have been talking about the Four C’s for some time. How do we truly embrace them, understand them and ultimately implement them throughout our systems?  Outcome: Participants will be able to utilize the Four C’s in their leadership tasks to engage and model for staff members as they implement the process in their classrooms.

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