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Amy Mayer, the founder of the edtech professional development powerhouse friEdTechnology, pronounced “fried technology,” is a nationally known speaker and a veteran public school educator who is a sworn enemy of standardization. Amy first worked in education as a college professor then later entered the public education realm as a teacher of 6th grade, later working in 9th grade, 10th grade, 11th grade and you guessed it, 12th grade in the subjects of French, English, and technology.

Amy’s learning events are known as engaging, funny, and always, always hands-on. Whether they last days, hours, or are face to face or online, you can count on Amy to provide learner-centered examples you can relate to and and precise information to help you implement strategies that will make an immediate difference in your classroom or school.

Most of Amy’s work as a teacher was with students from poverty who were not motivated by grades or teacher approval. This work led to a moment she says every lifelong educator eventually has which leads to the seminal “teacher story.” This story explains the moment we find our passion for teaching. Amy’s story shows how a raw moment of self-reflection combined with despair into a lifelong passion for helping students find their passions for learning through true engagement in their work. During her twenty plus years of education, she’s nailed down some strategies that anyone can use to nearly guarantee learners of any age will become engaged in their work.  

Briefly, Amy left the education realm to work in the technology department of a large school system where she did crazy things like manage servers before finding her true passion at the nexus of the fields of education and tech, Instructional Technology. She also served as a language arts consultant for two Texas state agencies and as a Director for Staff Development and District Initiatives.

These days, Amy works full time running her companies friEdTechnology, a Google Professional Development Partner Company, and and providing inspiration to make professional learning valuable and meaningful for educators.


Keynotes and Workshops

Let Amy create a customized learning event specifically for your audience. Let’s talk about your school climate and culture, what problems you face, and what makes your situation unique. Without knowing you yet, trust that the sessions listed below are popular offerings with wide appeal that may give you some ideas for your learning opportunities created specifically for your staff.


Keynote: Tales of a Teacher

Every educator has had at least one light bulb moment when she or he no longer just has the job title “educator” but instead really understands what that means and owns it. Sometimes these moments are born out of passion and more often out of pain. Learn the secrets of a successful educator and hear the hilarious stories that led to one teacher’s moment as you consider your own teacher story and how it shaped, and undoubtedly continues to shape, your role as an educator. Can you change it? Yes. You. Can.


Keynote: Is It the Future Already?


We hear about it all the time. Education MUST change. Sometimes we struggle to understand how change can possibly be worth the struggle, what exactly needs to be done, or how in the world to do it. The process begins with inspiration and motivation. Start your learning event off with the mindset to think outside the box and see how powerful your learning event can become.


Keynote: Transforming Language Learning With Technology One Connection at a Time


The power of technology to facilitate and accelerate language learning is vast. From Hangouts & Skype to social media platforms and web searches, the opportunities for robust language learning are endless. However, many of the tools commonplace in the 21st Century in the public and business realms have yet to make an impact in the K-12 Classroom. Let’s take a look at innovative and transformational ways technology can empower language teachers, facilitate communication, and transform learning.



Beyond the Red Pen


When students aren’t using feedback to improve, we are wasting our nights and weekends. But there’s a better way. In this course, you will learn to offer feedback your students can and will use in a fraction of the time you spend marking papers or grading. Learn new ways to offer feedback using G Suite and other free tools by practicing hands-on in this session.


Creating Engaging Professional Development


As Educational Leaders, you do it all, but what do you do when the role of professional development provider ends up on your plate? Professional Development may be one of your most important and powerful roles, but how do you make sure the format is engaging? How do you model what you want to see happening in your schools’ classrooms? How do you know participants are getting what they need? Come learn the secrets of a veteran professional development provider that will increase attendance of your sessions and adoption of the practices you are sharing.


Born to Be Writers


Writing teachers unite in this session to learn how to revolutionize your students’ writing processes. From the first draft to publication, peer editing to final polishing, eliminate the barriers of time and space to provide your students exactly what they need to become the writers they were born to be. This course includes information on how to go paperless in your classroom; how to provide meaningful digital feedback your students will use, and how to stop “turning it in” and start publishing it.

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